Project Planning

  • Visioning and Planning

  • Schematic Designs

  • Assistance with bidding other project consultatnts and assembly of project team

  • Engineer’s estimate of probable cost

  • Assessment of existing conditions

Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Tract Map

  • Technical Drainage Study

  • Grading and Drainage Plan

  • Low Impact Development

  • Storm water capture and use (cistern)

  • Street Improvement Plans

  • Storm water detention / infiltration design

  • Utility Plans

  • Water distribution / water main plans

  • Sewer Design Plans

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

  • Water Quality Management Plans (SWMP)

  • Erosion Control Plans

  • Horizontal Control Plan

  • Fire Department Access Plan

  • Bridge and retaining wall engineering

  • Onsite Wastewater Design

  • Storm-, sump- and waste-water pump system design

  • Site characterization


Additional Services

  • CNG fueling plants

  • Quality Control / quality assurance

  • Processing of city, state, and coastal permits

  • Construction Management

  • Real estate due diligence

  • Existing storm drainage and septic system inspections